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italk vennesa
Virtual Assistant

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Redefine Retail Business with Bots for Conversational e-Commerce

Use I-Talk for AI Chat, AI App, AI Help Desk, AI Customer Support, AI Sales Agent and Also as AI Virtual Receptionist

Turn the traditional and conventional experience your customers are used to, into a perfect digital, conversational, personalised and immersive shopping experience that they will love, remember and also enjoy.

Keeping shoppers digitally engaged and satisfied is more important than ever for retailers to move out of “keep-up” mode, and get ahead of the competition.

  • Provide real-time, relevant offers and advice from a ‘personal’ shopper
  • Deliver status updates or alerts on in-store inventory for purchase and pick-up
  • Make purchases easy via a simple, convenient, message-based interaction
  • Offer instant customer service across all channels – text, email, mobile app, website, call center, or at a storefront