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Frequently Ask Question

How does it work?

I Talk is a custom made Virtual Sales cum Customer Service Agent Tailor Made for your Website, who can converse intelligently with all your website Visitors and achieve the allotted goals of lead gathering, customer service, customer support or any other set goal.

What is the price of i-Talk?

I-Talk can be bought at three different prices for three different subscription plans. Please see the Pricing Page for the details.

What are the different types of Avatars?

There are many different default Avatars, that you may select from. Please visit our i-Talk Avatar Page to see our different Attractive Avatars that you can choose from.

Can I create my own customised Avatar?

You cannot create your own character yourself. But, we can create a new charterer as per your requirements for you on a project basis. You can go to the new character request page and send us a request with your specifications. Once we review your request, one of our support executives will get back to you to discuss the proceedings.

Can I request for an Avatar of any famous personality?

We can create a dummy of any known character for you on a project basis. You will have to send us an Avatar customisation request with the specifications of your Avatar. One of our executives will then get back to you to discuss further on the project. Please take a note that, i-Talk doesn't take a responsibility for any characters it creates for you on your request.

How can i Talk help in customer care?

i Talk can collect your clients' support requests along with their contact details so that you can contact them later. i Talk can even prompt for a click to call action or even help your website visitors directly connect to the concerned person of your business, which can be a sales agent, a customer service agent, a quality control team member or technical support staff.

How can i Talk act as a 24/7 Customer Care Agent?

As opposed to any other employee, i Talk will handle all your website visitors' queries 24/7 and 365 days a year without any break acting as your 24/7 customer care agent , technical support staff or sales agent.

How much would I save with I-Talk

The total savings depend upon your country and the individual employee wages. You can easily calculate your savings with i Talk if you visit this link

How much time would it take to integrate I-Talk in my website

Usually, once you have finished setting up the Topics, Sub Topics, Keywords, Questions and Answers in your Admin area, it takes 48 working hours to integrate i Talk in your website. You will have to paste the i Talk script code in your website for successful integration.

Do I need to input the Questions and Answers and Script for i Talk Assistant Myself

Yes, You will have to input the relevant Questions and Answers and the Script suitable for your business and business goals from your Admin Panel. Only after you have done that, will it be possible for the system to generate the supporting Audio files.

Do I need to Add Topics and Sub Topics Myself?

You can add as many Topics and Sub Topics as you feel are relevant to your business. It is advised to be exhaustive in Topics , Sub topics and keywords to impart maximum intelligence to your site's Virtual Assistant. You can add Topics and Sub topics from your Admin Panel.

What are keywords, How many keywords can I add and From where and how to add them?

Keywords are the hot words which you feel your website visitors would use while asking any question. You can add as many relevant keywords from your admin panel. The keywords are to be added under the selected Topic and Subtopic. It is advised to add as many keywords as possible to impart maximum intelligence to your virtual assistant.

How to generate Audio Files, How to make my Virtual Assistant Speak, Do i need to create Audio files myself,Why doesn't my Assistant Speak

Your Virtual Assistant will acquire speech only after you have input all the Topics, Subtopics, Keywords, Questions and Answers and the System has generated Audio files for the Answers. It usually takes 48 working hours to generate Audio files by the system for your script.

Can i try it for free.

You can try our Free Trial Subscription for 3 days. Just go to our sign up page and select the Free Trial Subscription during your sign up process. You can enjoy the full features of i Talk during your free trail period.

How can i get started

You can sign up for a free trail to understand our system better and how it can help your business and website visitors. Please go to the sign up link to get started.

How about the after sales service, What if I need any support after Signing Up

You can write to us at for any after sales service or support related queries. One of i-Talk's support member will get back in touch with you within 24 working hours.