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italk vennesa
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Advantages of iTalkTM

  • iTalk TM will speak out to you clients when they reach your website. iTalkTM can address them with their names, answer their queries, guide them through your services, tell them your USPs, will ask them leading questions and collect new unique leads for your business tirelessly 24*7, 365 days a year!
  • First Point of Contact: Why wait for a new lead to land in your e-mail to get in touch with them, when iTalkTM can do that right on the Client's Desktop.
  • Works: 24*7: No-one can match iTalkTM in non-stop and tireless efforts to serve your business. And yes, he will stay with you forever.
  • Handles multiple Clients on your website at the same point: iTalkTM, like no-one other can talk and interact with multiple users on your website at the same time.
  • New Client Acquisition: iTalkTM increases the chances of new leads generation for your business from your website more than any other tool available.
  • Interactive: The Attractive Avatars and Natural Language interactions give your clients a more engaging experience and trust on your services.